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The most affordable cold email software

Scale your cold email outreach effortlessly with unlimited sending accounts. Boost conversions with personalized, automated campaigns at an unbeatable price.Made by founders for founders ✨


Contact at scale

Connect unlimited mailboxes and boost your revenue by 30% through personalized cold emails and targeted campaigns. It's super easy to use: Set up your cold-email sequence in less than 2 minutes.

Email Finder

Find Valid Emails with Ease

Our powerful email finder tool delivers accurate results at an affordable price. Pay only for valid emails found and enjoy GDPR compliance and catch-all verification. Try it now for fast and reliable email searches.

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Create unique email with AI

Studies show template cold emails have a 5% open rate, while personalized ones hit 30%. We leverage your prospect's LinkedIn profile to upgrade your cold emails with AI adding a personal touch and boosting success by 70%.


Connect Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Campaigns
Active Leads Monthly2 00050 000500 000
Emails Monthly10 000200 0001 000 000

Cold outreach restrictions by Yahoo and Google in 2024 require a new approach. Keep your emails out of spam by sending fewer than 35 per day. That's why unlimited email box connections are essential - subscriptions per box are a thing of the past. Stay ahead of the game with our solution.


Email sending costs comparison when respecting this limit (30 emails per day by sending email)

The best price in the market

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$19 per month

✅ Connect Unlimited Email Accounts
✅ Unlimited active campaigns
✅ 2000 active contacts
✅ Send 10 000 emails
✅ Automated follow-ups
✅ Emails open and click tracking
✅ Detailed analytics and reporting
✅ Easy-to-use interface
✅ Live Chat Support
✅ One-week free trial (no credit card)
✅ Email Finder & Verifier (optional)
We are still in beta so we are only making it available with gmail and google accounts for the moment

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